Gift Card Help

New Zealand Standard Delivery $3.99 3-7 Business Days
eGift Card Via Email Free Within 5 Minutes

How can I purchase a Gift Card?

Gift cards can be purchased online at or in store and are redeemable online at and in New Zealand stores. Gift Cards and other items cannot be purchased in the same transaction.

Where can I use my Gift Card?

Gift Cards may be used at Jacqui E stores in New Zealand and online at

What delivery options are available and how much will delivery cost?

You can either choose to receive a physical Gift Card via post using standard delivery or an eGift Card via email. Standard delivery costs $3.99 and will arrive in 3-6 business days.

What is an eGift Card?

An eGift Card is a Gift Card that is delivered via email. eGift Cards are delivered within minutes to the nominated email and can be redeemed online or in store. To redeem in store simply print the eGift Card or scan directly from a mobile device. Note: eGift Cards will be activated 24 hours after purchase.

What if I did not receive my eGift Card?

eGift Card orders are ordinarily delivered within 5 minutes of an order. However, email carriers and other issues can delay your order. If you don’t receive your eGift Card within 4 hours of purchase, please contact us.

Do Gift Cards expire?

Physical Gift Cards:

Gift cards issued in New Zealand expire 12 months after the issue date or until no amount remains on the gift card. Any balance that remains on the Gift Card after expiry will not be available for use.

eGift Cards:

eGift cards expire three years after the issue date or until no amount remains on the gift card. Any balance that remains on the Gift Card after expiry will not be available for use.

What Gift Card values can I purchase online?

A Gift Card ordered online can be loaded with any value between $20 and $250.

Can I purchase Gift Cards and items in the same transaction?

No, you will need to make two separate transactions for Gift Cards and other items.

Can I add a message to the Gift Card I bought online?

Yes, you can create a custom message of up to 400 characters including spaces during checkout.

Can I order a Gift Card and eGift Card in the one transaction?

Yes, you can order multiple gift cards and eGift Cards in the one transaction.

Can I send Gift Cards to more than one address when ordering online?

Yes, you can specify up to 10 delivery addresses. You will need to specify the items for each delivery package during the ordering process. Note: you will be charged a delivery fee for each address.

How do I check the balance of my Gift Card?

You can check your balance at or at any Jacqui E store in New Zealand.

How do I get a list of transactions made with my Gift Card?

You can check your balance and transaction history online at

What if my Gift Card is lost or stolen?

Treat your Gift Card like cash. Lost and stolen Gift Cards will not be replaced or refunded.

Can I exchange my Gift Card?

Unfortunately you are unable to exchange Gift Cards as they are treated like cash.

Can I return or refund a Gift Card?

Unfortunately you are unable to return or refund Gift Cards as they are treated like cash.

Can I cancel my Gift Card order if I order online?

Unfortunately, once an order is submitted online it is unable to be cancelled.

Can more value be added to a Gift Card?

No, once a Gift Card has been purchased the value on it is unable to be increased.

Can I order Gift Cards from outside New Zealand?

We do accept orders globally through our website, however Gift Cards will only be delivered to New Zealand businesses and residential street addresses in New Zealand currency.

Can I purchase items using a foreign currency Gift Card?

No. Gift Cards that are issued in New Zealand Dollars are valid for online purchases only through this site and at New Zealand Stores.

Can I purchase Gift Cards online on behalf of a company?

If you are purchasing Australian gift cards please visit our Corporate Gift Card website at If you are purchasing New Zealand gift cards please contact us on or 0800 023 522.

Is there anything I can't use my Gift Card for?

Yes, you are unable to use your Gift Card to purchase gift cards.

What payment types are accepted online to purchase Gift Cards?

Payments can be made using Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal.

Is it secure to enter my credit card details when ordering Gift Cards online?

Your information and online credit card transactions are transmitted through a secure server using Secure Socket Layering (SSL), encryption technology. You can identify this by looking at the URL address "https," the "s" indicates you are in a secure area employing SSL. Your browser may also give you a pop-up message that you're about to enter a secure area.

How do I use my Gift Card to purchase online

  • Just select the Gift Card tab in the Payment section of the checkout. Enter the card number and 4 digit PIN located under the scratch panel.
  • The amount of your order will then be deducted from your card and any remaining amount will stay on your card for future use.
  • You can only use one gift card per order. Should you have multiple gift cards, please contact us on 0800 539 327 with your gift card details and we can assist you in placing your order.
  • You can combine your gift card payment with Credit Card or PayPal. Please ensure that you enter your gift card details first.
  • You can use your gift card as many times as you want until the balance reaches zero.
  • We will not refund cash for any unused gift card amount.

Gift Card Terms & Conditions of Use

New Zealand

The gift card issuer is Kimbyr Investments Limited, Company Number 205268 trading as Jacqui E. A lost, stolen or altered gift card will not be replaced, refunded or redeemed. Once activated the gift card is: redeemable for merchandise at Jacqui E stores and online in the country of issue; not redeemable for cash and is not a negotiable instrument; not able to be reloaded; partially redeemable; valid for 12 months from the issue date or until no amount remains on the gift card. Cash, refunds or credits will not be given for any unused amount after the gift card expires.

Gift Card Card Enquiries

Contact Us anytime via email.

Phone 11am – 7:30pm weekdays NZST.

  • New Zealand 0800 539 327
  • Australia 1800 801 818
  • International +61 3 9420 0200